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March 8th marks International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the global achievements of women. It is also a day for action and taking steps towards reaching gender equality. There has been a swell of activism in the last few months and today marks yet another opportunity for women to join together in solidarity, regardless of their political stripe. Below are some ways you can participate in this global event that have an impact both at home and abroad.


International Women's Day 3



1. Wear red – women are being asked to wear red as a symbol of solidarity.

2. Attend a local rally or event. Find one near you here.

3. Write or call your female government representatives to thank them for their leadership or to express your concerns. You can find your member of Congress here. Don’t have a woman representing you? Sign up to run for office or support women who plan to here.

4. Donate to a local women’s clinic or shelter.

5. Shop or dine at female owned businesses.


International Women's Day 1



1. Purchase goods that support female entrepreneurs and artisans abroad. Here are a few companies that are empowering women: Songa Designs, Sudara, Indego Africa.

2. Read about women across the globe who have helped shape history. These books are a good place to start: Rad Women Worldwide, In the Company of Women, Atlas of Women in the World.

3. Plan a voluntourism trip that supports women. This is not an option for everyone, but if you’re already planing to venture abroad, consider a volunteer vacation. Check here, here or here to learn more about the opportunities available.

4. Learn more about how to be an ally to women abroad without alienating them here.

5. Join the global International Women’s Day Facebook live event– a 24 hour event featuring policy makers, female business owners, entrepreneurs, NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and leaders from around the globe. Join in as they share inspiration, impart knowledge and discuss topics of women in business.


Are you planning to participate in International Women’s Day? What are some other ways to get involved? Share your comments below!

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