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To the day dreamers and wanderlusters with an insatiable passion for travel, welcome to House of Wend!

Here at H.O.W, I combine my years of travel experience with insider insights I’ve gained working for an airline to share all things useful and beautiful from travel tips and destination guides to drops of inspiration gathered near and far.


My passion for travel was sparked at an early age by trips to London, Paris and Nigeria to visit family for the first time. I was overcome by the beauty I experienced and yearned for more.

When I was old enough to venture out on my own, I seized every opportunity that presented itself to get out and explore the world. I took an immersion trip to Botswana, studied abroad in China where I met my boo, Sergey (aka my Russian), spent a week in Tibet, attended a wedding in India, performed as a backup dancer in Indonesia, and eventually moved to New York from Indiana after graduating from law school.

While awaiting my bar exam results, I took what I thought would be a temporary position with an airline. Little did I know this part time job would end up changing my life. Suddenly, the world was at my fingertips and hopping on a flight was as easy (sometimes easier) than catching a cab.

Fast forward five years and I’ve checked countless destinations off my bucket list with no signs of stopping. When I’m not traveling or working part-time for the airline, I work as a contract attorney for different firms in the New York area.


I’ve accepted that my life doesn’t quite look the way I pictured it when I decided to move to New York. But I’m grateful that rather than slaving away at a law firm, I have the freedom and flexibility to follow my passion, travel the world and pour my little heart into growing this space. I invite you to follow along on my adventures and hope they inspire you to open your eyes to the beauty and possibilities that surround us and wend your way!

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