Cueva del Gato in Ronda, Spain



There is so much to discover in Ronda, Spain. This historic town in the mountainous Andalusian region is known for its rolling mountains, flourishing vineyards, expansive views and…Cueva del Gato.

While planning our recent trip to the south of Spain, Cueva del Gato was on my list of must do’s. On a particularly hot afternoon, my Russian and I made our way from the town of Ronda over to Cat’s Cave for an outdoor adventure. Below is what you need to know before visiting one of Spain’s many hidden treasures, Cueva del Gato.



Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park in Ronda, Spain



Cueva Del Gato, or Cat’s Cave, is a naturally formed limestone cavern and freshwater pool nestled into the base of the Sierra Grazalema Natural Park just outside of the town of Ronda. It’s open to the public and on hot summer days, visitors and locals flock to this popular watering hole to beat the heat. While the cave itself is off limits, visitors are encouraged to take a dip in the cool, crystal clear waters. 

 Cueva del Gato entrance



The Cat’s Cave is just a 20 minute drive from the town of Ronda (map it!). You’ll need a car to get there, but if you don’t have a rental, you can easily take a taxi since its such a short ride. Free parking is available both at the top of the hill as well as farther down in front of the Cueva del Gato Hotel. From there, it’s only a few minutes’ walk to the cave and pool. You’ll know you’re getting close when you start hearing the faint sounds of splashing and laughter in the distance. 



Entering Cueva del Gato in Ronda, Spain



While cats cave is a popular location, there isn’t much around by way of food or amenities. For those wishing to make a day of it, plan on bringing snacks and drinks with you. Although the Cuevo del Gato Hotel is nearby, the hotel restaurant isn’t always open. Some people come prepared with folding tables, chairs, coolers and their dogs and spend the entire day. Others, like us, opt to take a quick dip and snap a photos. 

Be sure to bring a towel and bathing suit with you. You might even consider water shoes if you have them as the bottom of the pool is slick and rocky. And just a head’s up, there are no public restrooms, so plan accordingly!



Visiting Cueva del Gato in Ronda, Spain




Although the turquoise water is enticing, it’s also quite frigid. I mean FREE-ZING! Even on a hot afternoon in August, it was hard to stay in for more than a few minutes. 

For those feeling brave, there is a ledge a few feet above the water that you can jump off. There’s also a waterfall you can swim under if you’re looking for a real rush. The scenery makes for the perfect backdrop for those insta-worthy photos!

If you ever find yourself near Ronda, Spain, Cueva del Gato should definitely by on your list of things to do!



Cat's Cave in Ronda, Spain

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