In 2012, a few of my fellow law school classmates opened Black Acre Brewing Company, a craft brewery in Indianapolis’ historic Irvington neighborhood. When my Russian told me that we had been invited to tour their brewery and check out their brew pub, I was thrilled.

I am not a regular beer drinker and know very little about the ins and outs of a brewing, so I was eager to visit and learn more.

  Black Acre's Saucy Intruder Rye IPA


In 2008 when sharing a “fun-fact” in their 1L law school class, Jordan and Justin discovered a shared interest in brewing. Both had been dabbling in the art since college. The two, along with Justin’s college friend Matt, soon began brewing together. A year later, their classmate Steve joined the group.  

While law school may have brought them together, it was their love of brewing and great beer that bonded them. They dedicated their spare time to brewing, even offering $5 all you can drink parties to fellow classmates to promote and test their concoctions. 

Their production increased and the group soon outgrew their garage operation. Eager to join Indy’s craft beer revolution, they decided to turn their hobby into a business. 

In 2011, they found the perfect location in Indy’s Irvington neighborhood. One year later, they made their dream of running a pre-prohibition style neighborhood brewery a reality.

  Black Acre Brewery Room


Black Acre produces its beer in their very own brew room located off site from the brew pub. Their brew system consists of multiple tanks and fills a large warehouse room. They age many of their brews in red wine and whiskey barrels to add depth to the flavor. 

The plan is to eventually branch into hard liquor production. We were given a sneak peak of their copper column still which will be used to make gins and whiskeys. 

They distribute several of their brews nationwide. Their most popular is the Saucy Intruder Rye IPA. Look for it in your local stores!


Black Acre Brews

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Black Acre offers 126 different craft beer selections throughout the year. There are approximately 30 different beers available at any given time. Justin was kind enough to let us sample a few while touring the brewery. 

One sample was poured straight from the tap. The fresh hops gave off a citrus aroma with hints of passion fruit. 

Next we previewed one of their collaboration brews, which had similarities to a traditional Belgian beer. It was slightly sweet and incredibly smooth. It won’t be available until fall 2018. Fortunately, there is a beer available now with a similar profile – Trulock’s Revenge, which is offered in 22oz bottle. Perfect for sharing!

A unique feature I enjoyed was that the option to add a splash of blood orange juice to any beer for a bit of extra sweetness and brightness.

   Black Acre Tap Room


Just a few minutes away from their brewery is the Black Acre tap room. We were greeted by a friendly staff, cozy atmosphere and a wide selection of yummy bites to satisfy any appetite.

This truly is a community brewery. It’s evident that this space is cherished by local residents. Even on a Tuesday night when we visited, all the tables were filled.

If you find yourself in Indianapolis and want to support a local business while enjoying a pleasant evening and truly great beer, consider paying a visit to Black Acre.

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